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In partnership with health systems,
we train patients and family caregivers
with knowledge and skills to ensure
speedy recovery and long-term health. 

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Promoting innovative healthcare practices and skills among the patients and their families

According to WHO estimates, we are on track to face a shortage of almost 18 million health workers globally by 2030. Around the world, family caregivers often assume expanded roles to compensate for overburdened health systems — a reality brought to the forefront during the COVID-19 pandemic – yet are often under-equipped, leaving facilities feeling alone and helpless. Often, especially in under-resourced settings, this results in insufficient care at home that leads to high rates of preventable readmissions, complications, and deaths.


We believe that a patient's recovery should be a team effort – where the doctor, nurses, family and friends all form an integral part of the overall plan for care and recovery.


YosAid Innovation Foundation partners with state and national healthcare systems to implement the Care Companion Program (CCP). This includes providing content, training, and mobile phone based technologies to support family caregivers of patients at public hospitals and clinics in diverse health areas such as Maternal & newborn care, Cardiac care, Tuberculosis (TB), General Medical care, General surgical care, Non Communicable diseases (NCDs), and adolescent health. 

YosAid Innovation Foundation has MoUs with the governments of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Previously, we had MoUs with the governments of Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, and Haryana. 

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Would like to join us?

We welcome collaborations and support from individuals and organizations across diverse fields.

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Our Partners And Supporters

Our GuideStar India number is 12000

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