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YosAid Innovation Foundation improves outcomes and strengthens health systems in India by promoting innovative healthcare practices and skills among the patients and their families. In collaboration with healthcare institutions and the government, YosAid Innovation Foundation provides healthcare training and actionable skill building to patients and family caregivers on health behaviors and information. 


YosAid Innovation Foundation envisions a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery, where family caregivers of patients are engaged and supported in caring for their loved one. 


Family members are a highly capable, compassionate, untapped resource, who, once taught needed skills, can become drivers of improved health outcomes for patients, families, and the health system overall, complementing broader health systems change. Family members and loved ones are an immense source of support for patients, but they often have inadequate information on what they can do to improve the patient’s health and prevent complications post-treatment or surgery.


The Care Companion Program was developed by listening closely to the needs of patients, families, and health providers, and working directly with government partners to implement and scale the model. 

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